Radio Waves

Katie Brown 7th Period

Four Uses of Radio Waves

  1. Cordless Telephones
  2. Police or CB Radios
  3. AM/FM Radio
  4. Garage Door Opener
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Electromagnetic Spectrum: Radio Waves

Xandem Tomographic Motion Detector

Xandem uses radio waves to detect intruders in a store. It is a security system, but is different from others because it uses radio waves instead of microwaves to detect movement. It can go through dirt, and most things in its path. This technology uses separate motion detectors around the area and then they all link up and send any alarms to the processing unit.
Tomographic Motion Detection Explained

When it Was Created

This new technology is helping businesses not lose money due to intruders, and decreasing the risk of false alarms. The date it was first released was April 10, 2013, and it was created by Dr. Joey Wilson and Dr. Neal Patwari at the University of Utah.