Dont be somebody your not.

Stargirl and Leo

Stargirl is a person who moves to Mica High and she is different from everybody else. Leo is a boy that already went to the Mica High and he has a crush on Stargirl.

Figurative language


Stragirl is a book were one teenage girl comes to a new school. But she is "different" than everyone else. Then there is this one boy named Leo and he falls in love with her. Next she becomes the most popular girl in school. But then somthing happens To make it so noone likes her except for Leo. So Leo trys to change her so people will like her. She changes her whole personality and style just for Leo. But that does not even work so she changes back. So she moves away becouse nobody likes her.

strong verbs

I bolted from the truck. Kevin was screaming. I was yanked into the croud. His arm was windmilling. We raced for the field. Strong verbs show more creative verbs.


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