Third Grade News

Week of 11/30

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Charlotte's Web

We continued reading Charlotte's Web in reading groups this week. We were introduced to a couple new characters...the Goose and Charlotte! We were very excited. Students noticed immediately that the Goose had a unique way of talking. We discussed why the author might have chosen to make the Goose repeat himself. Some students thought it made the character stand out a little bit. Others thought he was being goofy. It was a great discussion on text structure!

With the introduction of new characters, we decided to do a little character analysis. Students worked in small groups to identify some internal and external character traits of 4 characters. Afterwards, each group chose one character to bring to life in our classroom. Groups are making life size posters that we will cover with character traits! It's going to start looking like the Zuckerman's barn in our classrom! How fun!

Next week we will wrap up part 1 of Charlotte's Web (ch 1-9) and will take a comprehension quiz on it.

Word Study

We have completed another unit of word study words. Next week's words will review the skills we have covered over the past few weeks. So, you may see some words repeated. The goal is that students are retaining the spelling pattern and can apply it to their writing.

Next week's review list will be our last list before Winter Break. Word study will resume in January.


Students have been doing an excellent job with subtraction. We have covered regrouping, mental subtraction, problem solving, 3 and 4 digit subtraction, and subtraction across zeros (a tricky skill!). If you haven't been on Seesaw in a while, take a look at our subtraction videos where students explain how to regroup. They sure did challenge themselves with this! To practice subtraction across zeros students got to do a little online gift shopping! Students were given $100.00 to buy gifts for friends and family. I will hang up their shopping lists next week. We will take our Chapter 3 Math Test on Thursday of next week.

We will begin multiplication the week of December 14th with some games and assessments so that I can see what each student already knows about multiplication. After winter break we will learn about arrays, repeated addition and patterns in multiplication. Students will use these strategies to make multiplication games!


This past week, I began introducing our 1st STEM Project on Simple Machines. We began with a review of technology and engineering. Students went on a scavenger hunt in our school to find examples of technology. We learned that technology is anything designed to meet a need or solve a problem. Students' ideas are hanging on our STEM board in the back corner of our room. We also did a Balloon Tower Challenge to review the steps of the Engineering Design Process. Michael and Twisha designed and built the tallest tower! Congratulations!

Next week we will learn the importance of Assembly lines and will learn more about each type of simple machine. After Winter Break we will take a field trip to the Herr's Potato Chip factory to see some machines in action.

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Coming up...

  • 12/7 - Gift Shop Opens - Forms & money are due
  • 12/11 - CBA Sleepover - Turn forms in TODAY!
  • 12/18 - Adopt a Family Gifts due & Crazy Holiday Spirit Day
  • 12/22 - Winter Concert Dress Rehearsal at 10:30am. Wear concert outfits to school and bring uniforms to change into.
  • 12/22 - Winter Concert at 6:30pm
  • 12/23 - Pajama Day & Cookie Party - Sign up to donate items for the party at
  • 12/24 through 1/3 - Winter Break
  • 12/28 though 12/30 - Winter Break Camp
  • 1/4 - School Resumes & December BINGO due

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Lunch Bunch Winner for Responsibility Month! Congrats Sam!

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Star Student!

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