APOD Of Cats Eye

By: Trey Goodspeed

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Cats Eye Nebula

Taken by the Hubble Telescope on on January 30, 2017, this nebula lies 3,000 light years away from earth and is about half a light year across. The star is in the middle of the nebula and is in its last stage. The convulsions of the star is what make the outer dust surrounding the star. Many astronomers believe that this star will one day be the fate of our star.

New Vocabulary

Convulsions- When the outer Concentric shells of a star release dusty particles to make a cloud like structure around the star.

Concentric shells- A forcefield on the outside of the sun, this is used in the Eudoxus' model.

The Cat's Eye Nebula


1) How far away is the Cats Eye Nebula away from earth?

A: 10,000 light years

B: 20,000 light years

C: 100 light years

D: 1,000 light years

2) How far across is the Cats Eye Nebula?

A: 1/2 a Light year

B: 1,000 light years

C: 50 Light years

D: 100 Light years

3) When was this picture taken?

A: June 16, 2015

B: January 30, 2017

C: July 23, 2016

D: August 30, 2016