Severance Middle School

October 11, 2019

Parent/Teacher Conference Information

Conferences are on the calendar for Monday, October 14 and Tuesday, October 15.

6th Grade Information & Sign up

7th Grade Information & Sign up -see attachment for further details.

8th Grade Information & Sign up- see attachment for further details.

Parent/Teacher Conference Meals

Hawk Parent Group is always so kind to help provide meals for teachers during conferences when they are unable to leave the building to have dinner. Please see the following sign ups to help feed our teachers during these days.

Chili Supper - Monday, October 14 - SIGN UP HERE

Salad Dinner- Tuesday, October 14- SIGN UP HERE

Thank you in advance for your assistance, HPG and our staff appreciate it.

Quarter 2 Schedules

Schedules for the new quarter starting Monday, October 14 will be posted to portal at 4 p.m. today. Please have your student sign onto their portal account to view their new elective classes. All other classes will remain the same.

Book Fair is here!!

Please stop by our Book Fair in the library during school hours and on both Parent/Teacher Conference evenings until 7 p.m until October 15.

6th Grade YMCA Field Trip Cell Phone Policy

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As you know, we have our 6th grade outdoor education field trip coming up at the end of

October. We wanted to take this time to remind you about appropriate technology use at school and during school activities.

The purpose of our Outdoor Education trip is to support science standards while giving students the chance to connect with nature, staff, and peers. Due to potential inappropriate use of technology and missing opportunities to build connections, cell phones will not be permitted. Disposable cameras for taking pictures of animals and friends on the trail are a great option instead of phones.

We understand that this may be uncomfortable for some families, but we want to assure you that there will be ways for your student to contact you and for you to contact your student. We will have two busy days on our YMCA trip, but sometimes students still want to check in. If students are interested in doing this, we will have some designated time (after our night hike and before lights out) when students can make those phone calls home. As far as getting a hold of your student, there are a couple of ways you can do that. If you need to get a hold of your student in an emergency, you can call the YMCA directly at (970) 586-3341 and they will get a message to us. If you have an emergency during the school day, you can call the SMS office at (970) 833-7200 and they can get a hold of us at the YMCA as well.

If we have students using cell phones on the trip, we will hold the phone for the student. When

we return to the school, any phones we collect will be given to the office and parents can come collect them at their convenience.

Please help us encourage your student to make responsible choices, build personal

relationships, and connect with nature.

We appreciate your support in this important matter!

The Sixth Grade Team

Spirit Wear Orders

Please CLICK HERE to view spirit wear shirts that are available to order between now and November 8. You can choose to have your order shipped directly to your home. Prices range from $8.79-25.00 (shipping not included). Contact us if you have questions.

11 Social Media Flags Parents Should Know About

Find out which social media features are cause for concern--no matter which app your kid is using by Christine Elgersma. Read the full ARTICLE HERE.

SMS Club information

Students interested in participating in extra curricular activities check out these opportunities.

Select CLUBS for descriptions and details. Call our office if you have questions.

How do I sign up for a Canvas account as a Parent?

Parents (Observers) can link their Canvas account to their student's account so they can see assignment due dates, announcements, and other course content. Parents can self-register on the Canvas URL login page by following the instructions below. Remember, Observers can view the course content but cannot participate in the course. FULL DETAILS

King Soopers Fundraiser - Select SMS

Severance MS has joined the King Soopers Rewards Program. It's a simple way to help SMS fundraise for our field trip fund. The program is free to you and takes less than a minute to sign up. All you need is a King Sooper's Loyalty card.

Go to, log into your account, select MY Account, select Community Rewards (located on the left menu), search for Severance Middle School or by our code DG836, select Enroll. That's it!

The more that sign up and shop at King Soopers, the more SMS benefits.

Box Tops and Milk lids

Severance MS collects Box Tops and Morning Fresh Milk lids as part of our on going fundraiser.

Box Tops was created by General Mills in 1996 to help support education in the United States. To date, they have donated over $860 million dollars to schools across the nation. Collect 50 tops, turn them into our office and your student will receive a candy bar!

Morning Fresh gives back to local schools when we turn in used Morning Fresh milk lids. When your student drops of 100 lids, your student will receive a candy bar as well.

Empower Update

Curious what your student is doing in Empower? Want topics and videos to talk about with them? Click HERE