5th Grade Newsletter

December 7, 2015

Norwood Happenings

Student Council is partnering with Scholastic for our pajama drive. We are collecting new pajamas for children in need. For every pajama set donated, Scholastic will donate a book to the child as well. We will be taking donations until Friday, December 18th.

5th Grade Happenings

5th Grade will be having a Camp Carter information meeting on Tuesday, December 8th at 7:00pm in the Norwood cafeteria. Please join us for important information regarding activities and payment schedules and to get any of your questions answered.

Math Madness

This week in math, we will be continuing our lesson on expressions and solving equations. A new set of vocabulary words will go home with students on Monday, and their next vocabulary quiz will be Friday, December 11th. Homework will be assigned on Wednesday and will be due Wednesday, December 16th. The vocabulary words and homework will be posted on Miss Finley's website.

In the Science Lab

This week in science students will be studying the phases of the moon!

The Reading Corner

In ELA we will continue our study of character traits. Students will apply new understanding through group activities, writing, and comparing their own traits to those of the characters in "A Game of Catch". Spelling words are contractions - they can be tricky, so studying at home is in order for those who want to perform well on the test Friday! We will also dig deeper into pronouns, learning which are used in the subject of a sentence, and which in the predicate. Students can log into Brain Pop at home, where extra practice is available! A link is available on Ms Cooper's web page, as well as a list of our current spelling words.

Blast from the Past

This week the students will be reading about The Annexation of Texas, their home state. This followed after the war of 1812, when the Industrial Revolution was in full progress in the United States, and had changed the way people lived and work. For some people though, the wilderness still called, and a land named Texas seemed to perfect place to be!

Homework Help

  • Read, Read, Read
  • Practice Multiplication Facts
  • Math notes and vocabulary words are posted on Miss Finley's website
  • Apply concepts to everyday activities
  • Spelling words and Reading Comprehension Thinking Stems are located on Ms. Cooper's website
  • Khan Academy videos and practice
  • Clay Piggy


If you have any questions please contact us!

Tracy Pruett (Science) – tpruett@bisdmail.net

Rebecca Finley (Math) – rlfinley@bisdmail.net

Kathy Cooper (ELA and SS) – kcooper@bisdmail.net

Pamela Leach (ELA and SS) – pamela.leach@bisdmail.net