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Lakeview Family Newsletter - December 21

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Happy Holidays!

• This is a season of gratitude - we give thanks for our Lakeview students and families. We give thanks for our teachers, paraprofessionals, secretaries, custodial staff, nutrition staff, and coaches who make the success of students their life's work.

• This is a season of gifts - we have talked with students about the gifts you can give people that do not cost anything at all. Gifts such as being engaged in class, being kind to others, finishing work, cleaning at home, etc.

• This is a season of peace - we have talked with students about the value of listening, being calm and respectful, taking time in life to reflect, and spending time reading.

• This is a season of joy - there is so much joy at Lakeview every day. Joy when a student loses a tooth, joy when students write essays, joy in math when students learn how to use a protractor or figure out how many skittles are in a jar with two-digit multiplication.

We wish you all of the above and so much more in this holiday season!

Upcoming Events

December 22 through January 2 - Winter Break

Thursday, January 3 - School resumes

Thursday, January 10 - PTO meeting at 7:00 p.m. in the Lakeview library

Note the time of the meeting will remain at 7:00 p.m. in January

Next Newsletter

Our next family newsletter will be on Friday, January 11. There will not be a newsletter on January 4th since we will have just returned from Winter break.

Chromebook Care - 5th grade families

Since our 5th grade students are able to bring their Chromebooks home each night, please pay special attention over the holidays. Here are a few requests:

• Be sure the Chromebook is in its case and in a protected spot. It seems that our Chromebooks experience more damage over the holidays because students leave them out over break rather than put them away as they would on a regular school night.

• Be sure the Chromebook is not left in a cold car for the entire break.

• Be sure to fully charge the Chromebook on January 1st or 2nd so it is ready for the first day of school. Students are disappointed when they are unable to use their device because they forgot to charge it. We need them fully charged for school on January 3rd.