Temple of Confucius

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The Temple of Confucius is located Qufu, Shandong Province of China. From Hopkinton it takes 1 day and 1+ hours. The only way to get there from here, is by plane. It would cost you about $1558 round trip to get there and back leaving from the Manchester airport.
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Two years after Confucius died in 479 BC, his house was turned into a temple, still containing all of his belongings like his clothing. His tomb was buried in the cemetery. Since then it has been rebuilt many times starting in 153 AD when it was first rebuilt. People have been gathering here for over 2,500 years to celebrate Confucius and his life as a great philosopher. Confucius taught people about social skills and behaviors for relationships. Now there are over 100 buildings in the area and it's a big tourist attraction. Confucians come here to worship.
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Facts about Confucius!

Confucius was a Chinese philosopher named K'ung Fu-tzu. He was born in 551 BCE. Confucius gave up his job with the government to go on teaching people behavioral skills. He taught five basic ideas, kindness, righteousness, sobriety, wisdom, and trustworthiness. Confucius taught us the golden rule, "Do not impose on others what you do not wish for yourself."
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Sacrifice Ceremony

On Confucius' birthday there are all sorts of activities going on at the Temple of Confucius. There's a sacrifice ceremony on September 28th. They've been holding this ceremony for eleven years. Directors of Confucius Institutes come from all over the world to celebrate.
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The Temple of Confucius takes up a total of 5.4 acres. All of the buildings include three halls, one pavilion, one alter, and three ancestral temples. It's covered with red walls and and yellow tiles. There's calligraphy inside the temple with Confucius' thoughts.
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Sacredness and Worship

This is a sacred place for Confucians because Confucius was from Qufu and lived in the temple. Confucius was a great philosopher, teacher and a politician where he lived. He was buried in the Cemetery of Confucius with 100,000 of his descendants. If you come here you will find many Confucians worshipping. Confucians worship 162 figures including Confucius.
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