Preventive Care Reproductive System

By: Ava Whitebird-Griffith

Exams and tests

Mammograms test for cancer cells and infections in the women's breasts. Pap smears help the doctors see if their is a problem with a girl's cervix. Testicular self-examination is an easy way for men to check their own testicles to check for unusual lumps which could be the first sign of cancer. Prostate exams check for cancer in the prostate. It is important for men and women to get these screenings so make sure they are in good health.


  • At the age of 50 men should start getting a prostate exams and should get one every 4 years
  • At the any age the male feels like they are ready and know about testicle self examination men should start and you should get one every month
  • At the age of 50 women should start to get a mammogram and you should get one every 2 years
  • At the age of 21 women should get a pap smear and you should get one every 5 years