Move to Minnesota Today!

Great lakes, great life.

Harriet Bishop

Harriet Bishop is the school teacher in St. Paul. She is the first teacher in the town. Harriet also leads several women's orginizations. She says she is trying to keep St. Paul more civilized.


Minnesota is a new territory in the United States of America. It became a territory on March 3, 1849. It has hundreds of acres of land just waiting for settlers to buy and live on. Minnesota is a wonderful place full of oppertunities. The weather is a little cold but other than that Minnesota is amazing. To reach the territory you need to find a way of travel. A steamboat would be the best option. These boats are steam-powered and travel faster then a normal, non steam-powered boat. You would probably have to take a ship across the ocean, if you are still in Europe, and then have to take the steamboat across the Mississippi. You might also need to take a train for part of the journey. Another way of getting to Minnesota is an ox-cart or a covered wagon. These methods of travel are slower, but still effective. The territory of Minnesota is home to many, many, many lakes, most of them are good for fishing, or other natural types of gathering food. Minnesota, Great Lakes, Great Life.