Career Changing

Adapting to Change

Are you Considering a Change?

Why are you making a career change?

Many people now a day change their career many time in their lives. Today is not like it use to be back in the older days, where you get a job and stick to it. People are constantly changing their jobs for many different reasons.

1. Because you’re are not happy - before giving up though, consider if there might be a way to stay and solve the problem but, if you don't like your job and what you do, get out as soon as you can! It is best to get out in the beginning instead of later on so there aren't many more reason for you not to quit.

2. Because you want to grow - if you feel unfulfilled or unchallenged it might be time to move on.

3. Because your job is terminated - you can prepare for an unexpected job loss by staying alert to signs of trouble.

If you come along something where you unexpectedly lose your job there are many things to do and consider before you move on completely from your job you just got laid off of. Depends on where you work your employer should offer job search services and severance pay which is money that may be offered to employees who are dismissed. Also if you have any funds from profit sharing or pension plans. Ask, if you have payed vacation time, if you have vacation days left for payment for unused vacation time. Your employer should also cover and extend your health insurance coverage.

Developing a Plan

Steps On Bettering Your Career Planning

Developing a plan into a career change involve a bunch of different things to consider and think about. These things may or may not be easy.

  1. You need to analyze your current life style. Are you doing what you like now?
  2. You need to analyze what your likes and dislikes are
  3. If you don't like what you were currently doing you need to research new careers.
  4. Training/education - You may need to update your skills that you have or even bring in more skills.
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Making the Change

When making a career change there are many things you should consider. Like, do you like your job but not the company/employer you are working for? So, you'll have the same job type but a different company. Or do you not like what you are doing at all? So therefor, you change your job and company. Or maybe you can even turn one of your hobbies into a career if you want to go a completely different route.
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Beginning a new Journey

When first starting a new job with a new employer and co-workers you need to make a good impression. Your first impression is usually what sticks with people. Dress professionally, or what is appropriate for the job but just a little better. You can also ask for help, ask plenty of question. Having a positive attitude and learning everyones name quickly will also put forward a better impression of who you are. Have initiative! There are so many ways to set a good impression for yourself, I can't list all of them for you. Just be you and have a good time while be respectful! Get all your work done on time and then possibly helping others.

Quality and Behaviors of Being Promoted

When you have been in your new job career for awhile there are many things employers look for, for you being promoted.

  1. Seniority - which is the position you achieve by working for an employer for a long amount of time

  2. knowledge and competence - employers promote those who know how to do their job

  3. Willingness to learn

  4. initiative

  5. perseverance - the quality of finishing what you start

  6. Cooperativeness

  7. Thinking skills

  8. Adaptability

  9. Education and training

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