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How to Find the Best Quality Tea Infuser Which Is Eco-friendly For Hot & Cold Beverages?

If you are one of those who continuously search to find the best quality tea infuser, this is the best opportunity for you. Offering the best quality loose leaf tea infuser, My Healthy Way enables you to have the best tea travel mug which is made in compliance with BPA free plastic and is eco-friendly for hot and cold beverages. Know more about www.amazon.com

What Are The Salient Features Of The Tea Infuser Offered?

Durability & Taste: There cannot be anything better than hardened plastic for durability and glass water bottle for taste. My Healthy Way combines both and remains the leader in the field of tea tumblers by catering to the need of having the best solution for durability and taste preservation for hot and cold drink.
Top Grade Material: My Healthy Way uses the molecularly flexible borosilicate glass in the manufacturing of this travel mug, and hence you can easily put hot water or cold water into the mug without any fear.
Seal Strainer: In compliance with the best seal strainer, they guarantee that your sips will be smooth, flavorful and delicious no matter what you choose to infuse your water with. Enabling one to enjoy the entire flavor you want without the debris remains the ultimate aim of My Healthy Way.

How Much Liquid Does The Tea Infuser Hold?

The volume of the Tea tumbler is 16 oz . If you add many fruits, then it will take out some amount so you will have a 14oz. It is just a good size and easy to completely clean as well as refill. For much more details please click the link

How Long Does It Keep Hot & Cold Liquids?

Typically the Tea Tumbler holds cozy tea for a good some to 5 hours. If you increase hot boiling water as part of your Tea Tumbler, you can have the idea on the go and enjoy your take in for a good 4 to five hours. If you put ice-cubes in your tea Infuser Jar for Ice Tea throughout summer times, you can have an excellent cold drink for some to 5 hours.