Snap! Draw! Carve! Paint! Print!

Print Yourself!

Come and learn how to print yourself!

Draw another print of YOU by printmaking.

↓ Tryout on many types of papers! ↓

↓ Here are few steps of printmaking ↓

Steps of Printing Making

1. Take your own photo and print in A4 size.

2. Put a carbon paper and an A4 paper underneath your printed photo.

3. Trace it, but remember to keep it simple, so you can carve it easier.

4. Outline it using a Sharpie marker.

5. Divide it into two parts one that you want to carve and one not.

6. Shade parts you won’t carve.

7. On your outlined paper, trace it again on tracing paper.

8. Trace it on a carving mat.

9. Outline on the carving mat, slowly not to spread ink too much

10. Start carving

*For SAFETY*The knife always has to face forward, opposite to yourself.

11. Then carve your background.

12. Lastly, paint your ink, place the magazine paper and rub lightly.

Self portrait project final

Thank you! :)