INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL - By Angélica Vanegas Castro

What to do when happen an occupational accident?

1. You must classify the event, if it is an accident or incident

2. Then, If it is possible, you could give first aid

3. You can´t give medicine to person who had the accident.

4. At the same time, you must report to Occupational Risk Administrator

5. You can´t omit to inform the immediate superior.

6. Then, you can take the injured person to a hospital, however, you would have wait for an ambulance to avoid risks

7. You should not to go to a drugstore.

8. The person who had the accident must follow the medical prescriptions.

9. The injured person must not self-medicate.

10. You should provide feedback to all employees about the causes of the accident.

11. You can´t hide this information, because this help to avoid similar accidentes in a future.