Graphic Designers

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Career Overview

Graphic designers are the ones who animate cartoon characters/realistic fantasy characters in movies or TV shows. They plan printed advertisements like newspapers, magazines, brochures and billboards. They can create logos, layouts and other designs. Graphic designers speak with executives frequently to discuss promotions, they also speak with writers and speak with them about the content/message of an advertisement they are planning

Education Path

Most graphic designers either have an associates degree from tech school or a bachelors degree (2-4 years in college). Bigger firms hire people with a bachelors, but some hire associates. You need to have a degree in Commercial and Advertising Art. You also need to be highly educated in computer science, because graphic designers (also known as Advertising Layout Designers) work with specific computer software.

Some helpful high school courses to take if you are interested in this career are any art courses, Multimedia Design, and Photography.

Education costs

A good college in Wisconsin that offers this degree would be Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee. Tuitions per year there are $26,890, in-state or out of state. Fees are $700, a room and board on-campus costs $7,700, and textbooks are also around $700. So, total costs would ad up to 35,900, not including groceries, toiletries, electricity and water, Internet costs, etc.

Housing Costs

You most likely want food and drink, toiletries like toothbrushes, and things like that? Well, that costs money. Electricity and things like that are provided, and almost every school has their own internet access, if they don't they should (unless it's for a religion that doesn't use internet? I don't know.). You probably are going to spend about 10,000 dollars on groceries per year, or something like that. As far as toiletries go, they will be less expensive. Toilet paper is about $10 per pack of 10 rolls, and that cost depends on how fast you go through toiletries like makeup or heat products (if you're a girl) or electric shavers for the guys (I'm going by what my dad has :o). Clothing costs can vary, probably in the range of $1000-2000 a year.

Other expenses

Depending how much money you have, you may want to apply for student loans. Student loans are when the college will give you money to pay for expenses, but you will have to pay all that money back, so try not to apply a big number. Financial aid is when the college still helps you out with expenses, but not just loans. You could receive scholarships, paid employment, etc. You will probably also want to apply for a part time job to help pay for the costs. It's optional, but it would really help.
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Orginizations associated with this career

American Center for Design (RIP) -

International Council of Design -



1. Graphic designers enjoy being creative in their work

2. They like meeting new people

3. They like to have fun, and this is a job they have fun with


1. They dislike working long hours

2. Graphic designers dislike working under deadline pressures.

Working Conditions

You work indoors, primarily in an office. You work with specific computer software you can't just get anywhere.


Have you ever thought about how characters are animated, or how ads are planned? Logos, brochures, and layouts are designed? Ae you interested in doing these things? Well, then being a graphic designer is a perfect opportunity! You get to do all of those things, plus speak with executives and writers! Lots of work is required. You need an associates or bachelors degree in Commercial and Advertising Art. Most of the biggest firms will hire people with a bachelors, so it'd be a better idea to head towards a bachelors degree. You will make good money, around $36,930 per year. You will usually work in an office, with specific computer software that you can't find pretty much anywhere. You get to meet new people and show your creative side to other people! If you are interested in art and computers, then this is the right career for you! Think about it, getting PAID for plainly doing art and other creative things on the computer, now who wouldn't want THAT?