What Makes Me Tick

Personality, Emotions, and Social/ Emotional Intelligence

2nd Period Psychology

Written by: Courtney Gosser

My Personality

My personality has changed since elementary school to the point of my life I'm currently in. But in a lot of ways it really hasn't changed much at all. My personality and temperament have always worked worked together. I relate some parts of my personality to my nature and other parts to nurture.

I'm introverted, I always have been. I have always been shy, I use to hide behind people. Because I wasn't sure about new people. I like to stay in my circle of friends and not really talk to outsiders. My mother and father were very different in this. Were my father loved talking to new people, my mother hates it she only likes talking to people she already knows. I talk peoples heads off when I get to know them, but at first I'm very quiet.

Although I'm introverted doesn't mean that I won't talk to others. I'm quiet or what some people call stuck-up which I'm not. But after I get to know people I warm up to them and start talking so much they wish I hadn't. I am shy but very loyal to people.

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My Emotions

My emotions and personality are alike. Because I tend to be reserved in how I show my emotions. But I'm not the only person who is like this there are other people like this. Some people express their emotions very clearly where others don't. Everyone feels joy, fear, anger, happiness, sadness, etc.. unless their is something wrong with their amygdala.

Normally, I'm calm and easygoing. I try not to let my frustrations show, by not saying anything and blanking out.

Understanding my emotions helps me be able to express the right ones, at the right time. If I couldn't do that I'd be always getting my emotions mixed up and not be able to control them and get overrunned by them.

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My Social/Emotional Intelligence

I believe my nurture had a big role in my social/emotional intelligence. My parents both taught me to think about other peoples feelings, not just my own feelings. I do believe this helped shape my views on emotional intelligence, as I gotten older and have more experience. I consider myself to be fairly emotional intelligence and am fairly good at picking out emotional ques. My parents were not aggressive in the way they showed emotion. My father was the louder one when it came to expressing his emotions. My mother was very quiet about showing emotions.

The way I keep myself calm is to take a step back and see what is happening and figure out the best way to react to the situation. By doing so I calm myself down. By being calm I can tell peoples emotions, by body langue, facial expressions, and how they act. I can then know how to handle that person, so I don't upset them more.

I will always need to grow this area to help me in the long run.

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The Importance of Understanding Myself, My Emotions,and My Social/ Emotional Intelligence to My Future Story

Before I had a grasp of understanding the importance of social and emotional intelligence, I thought my emotions and personality were a uncontrollable force that couldn't be controlled. I now know I can handle them a little better, than I could before. No body can fully control their personality or emotion. As you get older you get better control over it, then when your young.

I know understand the importance of understanding my emotions, social and emotional intelligence and personality is. Because if I didn't understand these things I would never understand how to control them, and be misunderstood. Through understanding these things, I know what I can label emotion and understand if this emotion is proper for the situation I am in or not.