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March News

AP Exam Bulletin?

The complete AP Bulletin with info for both students and parents can be accessed at

Your students and I will be preparing for this test most of the semester.

The date and time for the AP Statistics Exam is Friday, May 10th in the afternoon.

I have been encouraging the students to register at SHMOOP (a great online resource paid for by Georgia Virtual School) to assist the students in preparing for ALL AP subject exams!!

Ask to see if your child is a SHMOOPER!!

Grading Friday and Weekly Class Meetings!

We have just passed another grading Friday on March 1st. Your students are making great efforts to remain on task with the schedule. Of course, if things are submitted late then the GaVS late work policy would apply at 10% off per day late, typically that would be 10 points.

To insure greater understanding as concepts get more complex, students should make every effort to attend the Monday class that is teacher led and is very similar to a face to face lesson.
Those students who do attend find it very helpful!!!

Students should mark their calendar and bookmark the site:
B: Thursdays at 8:30 PM:

Things to remember for parents...


In addition to these newsletters you may receive a separate email regarding late or missing work.
I try to email students and copy parents when zeros are entered so they can address that quickly to restore the average. In the online world, communication is extremely important for all stakeholders. To that end you are always welcome to email with questions, comments, or concerns.