Merry Christmas

Feliz Navidad

The True Meaning of Christmas…..

A Christmas tradition at any typical home is common in Clarion, Iowa. Each year families put up Christmas lights, hang wreaths, and decorate their own family Christmas tree together. This year that typical tradition came to life for one Clarion family. Maria and her two sons, Jairo and Christian do not ask for much. The do not vocalize their hardships. This is why giving a tradition to this family was all the more special. They did not have a tree, and they had not decorated a tree. When the local Clarion Police Department showed up one day and presented the Santiz family with a Christmas tree, the emotions were indescribable.

Christmas is about giving. Christmas is about making others feel special at the time of the year, when they can feel the least special. Christmas is about thanking God for what you have, and realizing that one of our many purposes in life is to give back.