Goblin shark

Nehorai and ishai


Name of animal : Goblin shark

It lives : He lives in the ocean like the Pacific ocean and the Atlantic ocean.

It eats : He eats crabs , deep-sea fish and squid.

It can: Receding jaw, is similar Lmin Caracharias taurus, with unusually long nose.

It cannot : He could not comorflage himself

Interesting facts about the animal : its pink It has a long and protruding jaws


Goblin shark is a shark who lives in deep water, the only species from the family. The most striking characteristic is unusual shape of his head. it has a long muzzle, shovel spoon-shaped and shaped-source, much longer than those of other sharks. Several other unusual features are the color of his body, which is usually pink, long and protruding jaws. When the jaws recede, is similar Lmin Caracharias taurus, even with unusually long.

Why this animal is unique?

We think this animal unique because its jaw.

In my opinion the Goblin Shark sceriest shark becouse his apearance

Compare betwin the Goblin Shark and Hammerhead shark

The Hammerhead bigger the Goblin shark

The Hammerhead as hant as Goblin shark

A pet

We don't want to pet it because its danger.
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