2013 Book Of The Year

The Fault In Our Stars


The Fault In Our Stars is about a girl named Hazel who has a type of cancer. Her mom is making her go to support group and she does not want to go. Hazel goes anyway and meets Augustus. She becomes very good friends with him. Her and Augustus start to date. Hazel finds out that Augustus has a type of cancer too. She is very upset with this news because Hazel thinks that she is falling in love with a healthy person that she isn't going to have to loose anytime soon. This whole story is about Hazel and how she is taking care and dealing with her problems along with all of Augustus.

This is a very inspirational story. If you like a very heartwarming book, I would definitely recommend this book to you. You will love the characters and won't want to loose them. I would definitely bring a box a tissue with you!

Recommended by: Emma Moffatt