Is Animal Testing Okay?

Should animals be tested?

What is animal testing?

Animal testing is used to access safety and effectiveness of everything from medication to cosmetic, as well as understanding how the body works. Animal testing started in the fourth century BC ( GREEKS). Some people say it is good to test animals so humans don't get hurt. But animal testing should be banned.

Some of the animals die or get hurt

  • 80 million total of dogs in U.S. died from animal testing
  • 50% of animals used in cosmetic testing die within 3 weeks
  • Many labs burn, shock, torture and starve animals without pain relief

Animals are just like us humans

  • They breath, eat, sleep, and give birth like us
  • Animals have feelings and emotions like humans
  • They have backbones like us

It is cruel to the animals

  • The dogs are locked in cages for testing
  • 50 million animals are suffering pain or death so we can have make up
  • The animals don't say in what is going on