Verizon Center

Description of the Verizon Center

The Verizon Center is an indoor arena used for many different forms of entertainment. There are many teams that play sports like basketball and hockey. Some are the Wizards, The Mystics, The Capitals. There have been more than 40.5 million people and 3,300 events have been held there. There are approximately 220 events held at the Verizon Center every year. The Verizon Center has 106 luxurious suites. It has has a high definition scoreboard! Also, the Verizon center has hosted some hall of fame players such as, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and even Michael Jordan!

The History of the Verizon Center

The Verizon Center or as formerly known as the MCI center opened up on December 2nd, 1997. It's located in Chinatown, the center of Washington D.C. Some of the first teams that played in the Verizon center are the Wizards and the Capitals. They still play there today! The owner of the Verizon center is Ted Leonsis. He accepted the job in 2010. The Verizon center has held many world renounced events such as, several all star events and even the Stanley cup in 1988! Also, the Jonas brothers played a sold out concert there and Michelle Obama's kids were there! Many other famous performed there such as, Lady Gaga, One direction, and 5 seconds of summer.

The events if the Verizon center

  1. The most important event in the Verizon Center was the 2003 figure skating championships. Many people came to see this amazement.

  2. The Verizon Center hosted the 1988 Stanley cup which the Capitals sadly lost in a tight 7 games series.

  3. The Verizon center will host the 2016 ACC championship, the nations capital serves asa perfect place to hold a huge championship

Importance to the community

This is important to the community because the Verizon center doesn’t just host the common sports but it hosts the sports that aren’t as common so the fans can see a total different brand of sports. Also, the 1988 stanley cup is the biggest championship in all of sports and that made the Verizon center one of the best multi-sport arena. They chose the Verizon center to host swag yo the 2016 ACC championships because with all of the events from the past everyone knows that the Verizon center is an amazing place.