The Revision Toolbox

Teaching Elementary Students how to Revise.

What is revision?

"Revision involves making substantive changes to the meaning, content, structure, or style of a piece of writing rather than the more surface changes that editing demands," (Heard pg. 1) Revision, is in a sense, the essence of fixing our writing in order to more clearly portray what it is we want our readers to know.

Why do we revise?

"Most writers revise because they realize that what they have written doesn't match what they really intended to say [...] Writers revise because they feel committed to making a piece of writing the best they can because it means something to them--it matters enough to try to make it their best." (Heard pg. 7)

The Keys to Successful Revision

Revision is a guaranteed way of improving your writing!

Frequently Asked Questions

When should we start teaching revision strategies?

Revision should be taught to students when they begin to write. It is important to begin teaching students revision strategies at a young age because revision is how our students learn to more clearly word what they are hoping to portray to the readers.

How can teachers make sure that revision becomes a core part of the writing process?

  • Conducting "revision shares" where students are able to both give and ask for feedback.
  • Share examples from professional writers about their revision processes.
  • Ask students to make their own quotes and reflections about their writing and revising processes.

By Kate Reilly, Taylor Crain and Brooke Hall