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Edition 14- Friday, 17th May, 2019

A Note from the Principal

Last week Mrs Gellert, Mrs Bennet and I attended the first day of our Leading Literacy course. Throughout this course we will learn many things and it is our aim to inform our staff through weekly Professional Learning sessions. Through this course we will gain an understanding of what has been established through research about the nature of literacy, assessment and the pedagogical approaches that are most effective in maximising student outcomes. Mrs Gellert, Mrs Bennet and I will also build strategies that optimise student engagement and motivation, specifically the provision of feedback, the setting of appropriate learning goals and strategies for meaningful and collaborative learning.

One area I am interested in exploring more, is that students best become literate when they are involved in authentic literacy experiences that are related to their interests and their own life experiences. This means that students learn from purposeful real-life texts that they have a choice in selecting. At school all students have individual book boxes where good fit books that are selected by students and their teacher are kept. Please have a discussion with your child about the books they have in their book box and how they are good fit books for them. I look forward to passing on more information as we journey through our course.

Staffing News

Catherine Vermeltfoort will be leaving us today to start a new position at Victoria Road Primary School. Good luck Catherine! We wish you all the best in your new adventure and we will certainly miss you. We are excited to announce that Miss Georgia Horsley will be joining us as our Year 1/2 classroom teacher. Georgia has worked at our school as a CRT over the past year in many grades and has formed relationships with the students in 1/2V.

Traffic Flow

The safety of all students is paramount every minute of the day. The drop off and pick up zone is an area where children’s safety can be compromised if it is not used properly. Please follow the rules to ensure safety of all.

Drop Off Zone

· Drop children off at the top end of the drop off zone where the 'Queue Here' sign is

· Ensure children exit the car on the left hand side

· Do not drop children off before the pedestrian crossing

· If waiting in traffic before the pedestrian crossing please do not allow children to exit the car. Wait until traffic moves forward and you are past the pedestrian crossing.

· Do not park in the drop off zone at any time

Pick Up Zone

· Drive to the top end of the pickup zone where the ‘Queue here’ sign is

· Children must enter the car from the left hand side

· No overtaking in the pickup zone –wait until the cars in front have moved on

· Do not park or stand your car

· Do not exit your car at any stage

· Do not allow children to enter your car until you are past the pedestrian crossing

· Please do not move forward until children are safely secured

· If your child/ren are not present at the pickup zone, you must move forward with traffic and exit and re-join the queue

Friendly Schools and Families

The aim of this week’s Friendly Schools and Families is to provide strategies for parents to effectively support their children if they are being bullied at school.

Helping your children deal with bullying

It is natural for parents to feel upset and want to protect their children if they are being bullied. However, an upset parent can often increase the involved child’s distress.

Parent responses that have been found to be helpful are to:

· Encourage your children to discuss the situation;

· Be aware of your own responses and react in a calm, helpful and supportive manner;

· Believe your children - it is important that your children feel confident talking to you about problems;

· Tell your children that bullying is wrong and remind your children that they have the right to feel safe and happy;

· Make sure your children know how to get help and support at school;

· Help your children to make friends (having at least one good friend has been shown to reduce the likelihood and impact of bullying);

· Talk to your children’s teacher; and

· Ask your children what they would like you to do


Election BBQ- volunteers needed: PLEASE HELP!! Saturday, 18th May.

We are holding an Election Day BBQ at Healesville High School Polling Booth. If you would like to help out at some point during the day, please contact the office to offer your time! Thanks in advance!

We would love community members to come along to grab a ‘Democracy Sausage’ from the BBQ on the day.

Education Week Monday 19 – 25 May

The theme for Education Week this year is 'Celebrating Careers'.

We are excited to be able to provide the following activities during Education Week:

Monday: Introduce the theme to the students and tell them there will be a writing competition this week. Students are to write a fictional narrative with the main character being them in their future chosen profession. Students can begin a draft on Monday and complete throughout the week. Publish by Friday; writing pieces will be displayed in the classroom and winners will be displayed.

Tuesday: Students continue their narratives (can begin revising and publishing if ready).

Wednesday: Curriculum Day (student-free day).

Thursday: Open Day - Teachers are to invite 1-2 parents from their class community to talk about their profession with the class. The open day will take place from 11:30-12:30.

Friday: Students need to dress up as their future selves in their chosen profession. There will be a parade at assembly that afternoon to show off all the costumes. Also at assembly, 1 student from each class (the winner of the competition) will read their narrative in front of the school.

Monday 20 May - 24 May

Education Week

Wednesday 22 May

Curriculum Day - Pupil Free Day - Students not required at School

Thursday 23 May

Alpha Production - King Arthur - whole school incursion (am) - $10 per student

HPSSA Cross Country - Selected students (pm)

Book Fair open 3pm - 4pm

Friday 24 May

Book Fair open 3pm - 4pm

Costume Parade at Assembly - students to dress up as their 'future selves'

in their chosen profession.

Wednesday 29 May

Prep 2020 Information Night 6.00 - 6.30 pm

Friday 31 May

Year 5 - Technology Day at HHS

Whole School Disco:

Prep - 2: 5pm - 6pm

Years 3 - 6: 6:30 pm - 8 pm

Tuesday 4 June

Parents & Community Helpers (P.A.C.H.) Meeting 9am-10am - Staffroom

New members welcome.

Saturday 8 June

Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

Monday 10 June

Public Holiday - Queens Birthday

Tuesday 11 June

Curriculum Day - Pupil Free Day - Students not required at School

Wednesday 19 June

HUSHeducation Session 1- Years 5 & 6

Monday 24 June - Tuesday 25 June

Gifted & Talents Camp - selected grade 6 students

Wednesday 26 June

HUSHeducation Session 2 - Years 5 & 6

Thursday 27 June

Sovereign Hill - Years 5 & 6

Friday 28 June

Last Day Term 2

PB: Wyatt E, Aiden P & Zeke L

1F: Lewis G & Blake D

1/2V: Flynn H & Gypsy B

2G: Annelise C

3K: Archie H & Ella B

5/6K: Georgia C 5/6S: Tyler L 5/6W: Tyler B

Senior Swimming

On the 29th of April most of the year fives and sixes went to the Healesville high school indoor pool to start their first lesson of school swimming. We were all very excited to start! Each lesson went for 50 minutes and every class was divided into three groups. At the end of the week each group did a survival test. We had to wear clothes into the water and some people even wore socks and shoes. We learnt lots of survival skills and our teachers were great. Overall, we had an amazing time and we had lots of fun!

Holly P 5/6S

On the 29th of April most of the grade 5/6s went to the Healesville indoor pool for swimming lessons. Our lessons lasted for 50 minutes and that was enough to tire us out. Each class had been split into three groups. My group had our swimming test on Friday the 3rd of May, it was a challenging swimming with full clothes on. The test took about half an hour to complete and it felt great taking our heavy clothes off. Our teachers were very helpful and fun. We all had a great time at our swimming lessons .

Oscar M 5/6S

House Cross Country Carnival

Last Thursday, May 9 we held our House Cross Country. For the first time we held this event in Queens Park and it was an outstanding success. Thank you to all of the parents who assisted on the day. The students represented their houses fantastically. The winning house on the day was Chum. As a result of this event students in the 10 YO, 11YO and 12 YO races have been selected to represent the school at the Healesville District Cross Country at the Complex on Thursday 23 May (please return permission notes A.S.A.P.).

From this event the top 10 in each race will progress to the Division Cross Country at Yarra Glen.


Prep Boys 1- Ben S

Prep Girls 1- Lilly Ana M

Year 1 Boys 1- Lewis C

Year 1 Girls 2- Lily E

Year 2 Boys 1- Casey S

Year 2 Girls 1- Kendi

9/10YO Boys 1- William W

9/10YO Girls 1- Brookley H

11YO Boys 1- Ashton C

11YO Girls 1- Paisley S

12/13YO Boys 1- Oscar M

12/13YO Girls 1- Aemelia S

Christopher Kent

House Tokens

The Wellbing Corner

Dear HPS families,

This week’s positive affirmations from 101 Ways to Praise a Child are “I’m proud of you” and “What a good listener!” Why did I choose these? Well, to be honest, I looked at the poster and randomly picked a couple that stood out to me today. I think they’re pretty great – you can’t really go wrong with this poster. Anything on it is going to build up your child when you say it sincerely. The words, “I’m proud of you” communicate love and acceptance and bring a sense of belonging. Telling your child that they are a good listener encourages them to listen even more, and develops this most important relational skill in them. Today, if you haven’t already, I encourage you to choose a couple of the sayings from the poster to affirm your child/children. Let’s make the words that we say to our children be positive and encouraging and build their confidence.

Have a great week.



(School Chaplain/Welfare)

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Just a reminder that on the Wednesday 22nd of May Healesville Primary School before and after school will be closed as Healesville has a Pupil Free Day.

This week we are doing family trees - all the children are enjoying this.

from Stacey & Bob, Camp Australia - where we make children smile

If your child is unwell and unable to attend After School Care,

please call Stacey direct on 0405 440 885.

If you wish to enrol in Before and/or Afters School Care, you need to enrol via the

Camp Australia enrolment link below.