World War I

The war to end all wars!

Is conflict inevitable?

How did American involvement in WWI impact/affect Texans?

Political impacts?

Economic impacts?

Social impacts?

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Background Information

  • Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand - future leader of Austria_Hungary
  • 1914 - Tension in Europe rise due to land claims

Political Impact

  • Concerns over Germany's continuing attempts to stir up trouble on the Mexican border
  • Zimmerman Note: Promised Mexico that if she would join Germany in WWI. Germany would assist Mexico in regaining lost territory (Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico)
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Quote by President Wilson

What do you think President Wilson meant by..."world must be made safe for democracy."

  • Summarize in your journal in 2 sentences

Economic Impact

  • Texans purchased war bonds to finance war
  • Gave up certain foods
  • Boom in war industries: oil, agriculture, lumber

Social Impact

  • 200,000 Texans fought, over 5,000 died
  • Training in Texas (Camp Bowie, Camp Travis, and Camp MacArthur)
  • Women more involved in agriculture and business
  • Discrimination of Germans in Texas


How did American involvement in WWI impact/affect Texans?

  • Summarize in your journal in 3-4 sentences