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Tips to Improve Memory -Eduardo Torres


I chose this topic because it seemed very interesting and i thought it would be a really good thing to study and learn, since memory is very important in day to day life. Research could help me remember things a lot better and have better planning since my mind will be able to recall more thought and duties. Over all it could help anyone remember important things, such as names, phone numbers, and school information.

What is this?

Improving your memory is very important and can happen in a few simple steps. There are range of things you can do to improve your memory and make recalling memories a lot easier. Basically you are using different techniques to recall important things easier, and readily available in your long term memory.

The Brain

The brain recalls memories as sort of as a re imagination. Inside the temporal lobe in the brain is a part called the limbic system that includes the hippocampus, thalamus, hypothalamus, and epithalamus, and a few other organs that are particular to processing memory. These organs are responisble for processing certain types memories like emotional reactions, and social and sexual behaviors. The formation and retrieval of procedural memory is duty of the basal ganglia (The unconscious memory of how to do things like riding a bike or tying a shoelace, which are often called "body memories" and are performed without us even knowing).
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Karim Nader ,a neuroscientist at McGill University in Montreal, studied memories after he himself had a weird recalling experience. He believes that the act of remembering can change the memory itself. Remembering big events in your life can alter them, since we keep recalling them. Each time we recall that memory or have a conversation with others about it, it can be altered.

Intresting stuff

Memory gets prioritized by emotion. John Medina, the author of brain rules, claims that the brain attaches emotions to memories to make the easier to recall( Another study at Louisiana State University showed ho the way you lie impacts your memory. If the lie is more unbelievable and made up, they will be stored longer since your brain used more power to create and make them up. The University of Notre Dame also conducted a study on how just walking through a doorway can cause memory lapses. When walking through a doorway it is easier to forget things that happened since your brain files it in a completely new part of your brain. Kids were made walk through doorways ending up in an original room where they started and they didn't recall much of the information given to them in the original room. (
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