Followers are called Christians

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Followers are called Christians. They worship their god (Jesus Christ) in a church. The worship leader are known as Priests, Pastors, Ministers, or Preacher. The common figure in all three religions is Abraham. The day of Sabbath for Christians is on Sunday. The Holy Trinity is the Christians godhead or the 3 parts (Holy Spirit, Father, and Son). In Christianity they are monotheistic which means they believe in only one god. Many people get baptized and that marks the Christian's enter into the church. The Holy book for Christianity is the Bible. Some Christian holidays are Christmas and Easter. Christmas is when Jesus' was born, and Easter is when Jesus' resurrected. The Holy Communion is when Christian people eat bread and drink wine with Jesus before he was crucified. The holy city for Christianity is Jerusalem, Israel. Another holy cite for Christianity is Church of Holy Sepulchre.

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Common Religious Figure

The common religious figure in all of the religions is Abraham. They all are monotheistic because they believe in one god.