What is Homelessness?

Homelessness is not a disease, its not something that happens to the stereotypical "lazy" person that lost his job. Though these seem to be common misconceptions, homelessness displays itself as one of the most devastating things that could happen to anyone.

Homelessness defines itself as the state or condition of having no home. The question is how did one end up without a place to call "home." There are many causes, a loss of a job, parents or guardians sending there children to the streets. Also included are addictions that build into the cause of homelessness.

Government and Homelessness

The government seems to do very little to help this dire situation at hand. What they are doing is trying to help families that are homeless get off the streets. Also they are trying to get our nations youth off the street. These actions will not be the end of homelessness, but it will be a big improvement.

What can you do?

You may not think that a homeless person is worth your time. I want you to take a second and put yourself in their shoes, or feet if they don't have shoes. Would you want people to continue walking past? These people try to get money, food, and shelter, daily just so they can see tomorrow. When you go back to your family gathered around the dinner table, think of the person standing at the trash can fire that hasn't eaten since yesterday morning.

A piece of fruit of $5 goes a long way, so please take the 30 seconds to change a homeless person's life for the better. Even taking the time to talk with them like a human being is better than walking past.