Luke Van Groningen

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Who made the telephone

Alexander Graham Bell was the first to be granted a patent for the first telephone in 1876. After that many other people have come up with the pretty close the same thing Alexander did. Business has never been the same. He invented the telephone because he taught the deaf and told his family that he would rather be known as a great teacher than known as the inventor of the telephone.

How it used to work

The first telephones where just connected to each other from one office room to another which worked but you couldn't connect long distances with wire because either construction or other problems that would get in the way of wire.

How it works now

The telephone and how it works has many steps. From your private phone there's signals that connect to a telephone box which leads to many telephone poles. From the telephone poles wires connect to the local exchange which then leads to the main exchange where all wires or connections go. From all the main exchanges leads up to a international exchange which sends signals to a communication exchange. However if you have a cell phone you send signals to a cell tower. The cell towers send wires or signals to the mobile exchange which all leads into one wire that goes to the main exchange. Once at the main exchange it goes to the international exchange and in then sends signals to the satelite.
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What we have now

What people had in the 1900's where way different to what most people have now. Now we have cell phones which are wireless that almost everyone has. They already have watches that act like phones and I'm sure there will be more to come. Everyone will always want the newest thing and Alexander never got the credit he deserved for making such an important thing that almost everyone uses.
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