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The Seven years’ war was the climax of the fighting between the British and the French. The war was going on all over the world, but started to get bad in 1758. In that year the British captured Louisbourg and destroyed the fortress. The St. Lawrence river now lay open to the British invasion.

In 1759, general James Wolfe led a campaign to capture Quebec. He sailed from England with a massive force of:

- 22 gunships - 9000 soldiers

- 18 000 sailors - 80 transport ships

- 2000 cannons - 40 000 cannonballs

When General Wolfe arrived at Quebec he had to decide where to attack from. The cliffs at the edge of the river were very steep and Quebec sat at the top. It would be a very difficult place to attack.

General Montcalm, the leader of the French Forces in Quebec did not believe that the British would attempt to go up the cliffs in order to attack. It would be suicide. He anticipated them attacking from the rear at a place called Beaufort. As a result, Montcalm sent many of his troops to Beaufort to defend against the British.