Carnegie Updates

for the week of February 15th

Principal Pollard

Dear Carnegie Professionals,

Last week, our school budget was drastically reduced; which forced me to eliminate programs and close a vacant teaching position. The elimination of these programs prevented staff layoffs. I firmly believe that every position at Carnegie plays a critical role in ensuring our students success. We must now refocus our efforts and work together to offset these losses to provide our students with quality instruction. In the last three years, you have been provided with resources and training necessary to accelerate student achievement. We can and will achieve Level 1+ status!

In last week's Carnegie Updates, I failed to acknowledge the fantastic iReady workshop that Ms. Hernandez, Mrs. Anderson & Ms. Gletten conducted on February 5th. Thank you for sharing how to access the iReady Teacher Toolbox and how to add/update iReady lessons. Job Well Done Carnegie Professionals!

The After School Program ended on Thursday, February 11th. Effective Tuesday, February 16th, teachers are to escort students to their designated exit door promptly at 3:45 p.m. All ESPs must report to their designated exit doors and remain until the end of your work day.

  • Main Entry - Officer Taylor & Ms. P. Johnson
  • South Dorchester Door - Mr. Flowers & Ms. Mitchell
  • North Dorchester Door - Ms. Robinson
  • 61st & Blackstone Door - Mr. Bush & Mr. Adams
  • 61st Street - Ms. Gletten

All 3rd, 6th & 8th, Music, ArtShould, Winning Words and Cheerleaders teachers are to bring their class through the lunch line at 3:45 p.m. All students will eat their snack in the classroom. Effective, Wednesday, February 17th, students will be served a cold snack in a bag. Students are to be dismissed promptly at 5:00 p.m. from the main entry doors. Any questions, see Mrs. Stem.

Vision Screening Exams will be administered to students Tuesday, February 16th-Friday, February 19th in Room 226 with a signed parental consent form. Mrs. Robinson will escort students to Room 226.

As of Friday, February 12th the My Voice, My School Teacher/Student Response Rates are as follows:

  • Teacher Response Rate - 39%
  • 4th/5th Student Response Rate - 96%
  • 6th-8th Student Response Rate - 96%

Any student that did not take the survey and/or took the survey but failed to submit the survey will complete the survey next week with Ms. Hegwood. Students will complete the survey during their prep or during the afternoon. The survey will remain open through March. All teachers and SECAs are asked to complete the survey.

We will continue to process CTU reimbursements . You are to complete and submit the reimbursement form and receipts to Ms. Dabney. Forms are kept in the Main Office.

Continue to send videos and pictures to post to our school’s Twitter, the school’s website page or Carnegie weekly Updates to: Mr. Drexton Sportel - Cell Number: 269-290-8860 or Email:

There will be an emergency LSC Meeting on Tuesday, February 16th at 6:00 p.m. to inform parents of the budget changes. All staff members are welcome!

Domain 1: Planning & Preparation

  • Lesson Plan feedback for the weeks of February 15th-26th are due on Tuesday, February 16th at 8:45 a.m. in the main office
  • Gradebook feedback for the week of February 9th-12th will be placed in your mailbox on Tuesday, February 16th.

Domain 2: Classroom Environment
  • You are not allowed to place students in the hallways/doorway. Students must be supervised at all times. You are to CHAMPs your expectations daily. If needed, incorporate the use of GoNoodle to help get students moving or to improve the mood of students. You are to send students to the main office for misconducts in Group 5 or 6. All other misconduct must be handled in the classroom and documented using the Student Misbehavior Form.

Domain 3: Instruction

  • To accelerate student learning, keep students highly engaged and on task. Ms. Anderson recommends teaching a skill/concept using multiple resources with the MSU Student Intern reteaching the same skill. Ms. Anderson implements two days using the Common Core Coach book, two days using iReady Reading resources from the Teacher Toolbox and one day using Discovery Education Streaming Plus resources.

Domain 4: Personal Responsibilities

  • There will be a principal-directed meeting for the 2nd grade teachers and Kindergarten, 1st grade team on Friday, February 19th. The focus of the meeting TRC Data Analysis & EOY Goal Setting.
  • This week's grade-level meeting will be led by the Team Chairperson. The focus of the meeting will be left to the discretion of the Team Chairperson. You may elect to use this time to complete the My Voice, My School survey.
  • Our attendance rate for last week was 94.4%. That's a 2.34% decrease from the previous week. You are to input attendance into IMPACT by 9:30 a.m. and send your Attendance Folder to the Main Office (Mrs. Morgan-Percy). Mrs. Percy will call each classroom daily to cross check that students marked absence in IMPACT are absence.

ESP/MSU Student Interns:

  • All ESPs & MSU Student Interns must report to morning duty promptly at 8:30 a.m. Students are to be supervised at all times. The following staff members are assigned to the below designation.
  • Ms. Gletten, Ms. Mitchell, Ms. P. Johnson, Ms. Harris, Ms. Close, Ms. Visci, Mr. Daw, & Ms. Meza, Ms. Vocke- Cafeteria
  • Mr. Bush, Mr. Flowers, Ms. Vanderhorst, Mr. Sportel & Ms. Pratt - Gym

"Spotlight on Instruction"

Mrs. Mitchell's 4th/5th grade students gathered information in books, magazines and on the internet, about African American Scientists and Inventors. Students created a poster board with pictures, timelines, statistics, and other information.

"Carnegie Professionals"

Ms. Hernandez, Ms. Anderson & Ms. Gletten conducted an informative workshop on iReady Reading & Mathematics. They helped us navigate the iReady Teacher Toolbox and its many resources, as well as how to align iReady lessons to students achievement levels.

Picture Day - Class of 2016 - Room 224

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Carnegie's Social Committee

Carnegie's Social Committee sponsored a Valentine's Day Staff Breakfast!

Supplemental Resources

ELA & Math CCSS Checklist

  • Refer to School Improvement Google document.

iReady Reaading & Mathematics Teacher Toolbox

Math - Small Group Instruction Learning Centers

5 Tips for Managing Learning Centers

"Every Student Matters, Every Moment Counts"

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