Two Minute Drill

Nicholas Ames

Never give up and never surrender.

Summary on Two minute drill

The new kid in town Scott is one of the smartest kids in his new school which makes him a easy target to pick on. But his luck changes when Chris befriends him. This comes as a shock to Scott because Chris is really popular and on the football team. So Scott wants to be like Chris and make the football team and Chris wants to be smart like Scott. So they make a deal Chris helps Scott with sports and Scott helps Chris with academics. Scott tries out for the football team and is put on the bench until he gets his big chance. The two friends end up being known as the Cardiac Kids because with less than two minutes left they always end up winning.

Description of two characters. Chris and Scott

Chris is a friendly person who is always looking to help and get help. Scott is a geek who is always the smartest in his class.

Description of location

Most of the story takes place at a football field so I chose a picture of the Georgia Dome
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Conflict and resoulution

The main conflict was Scott was a new kid and needed to fit in. After being bullied alot he got a friend who stood up for him. After he befriended him he got onto the football team. After making the football team he started to get tons of friends. So after a while he was starting to fit in.

About the author

Mike Lupica is on TV and radio for sporting networks such as ESPN2 and 1050 ESPN New York. Also he is a #1 New York Times best-selling author for many books.