The Petrified Forest

By: Kelly Mateer

What is the Petrified forest?

The Petrified Forest is known to be over 250 million years old and holds the length of over two hundred thousand acres of land. This forest was formed during the early ages of the Triassic period and was the dominant form of life on earth for nearly 180 million years. This wood is like no other on Earth because what was once wood, turned into multihued quartz( a very colorful stone form). They turned this way because long ago a volcano erupted sending a mineral called silica along with fallen trees downstream where the wood absorbed the minerals and solidified.

Source: Arizona Explained:Petrified Forest National Park

By John Stanley

Why should this be made into a monument?

No other place on earth has been as large anumber bold in the quartz color. By building a monument you are able to build awareness to people traveling into Arizona on how the forest came to be, as well as gain knowledge of the drastically decreasing amount of petrified wood because of the amount of people taking wood illegally out of the forest.

These are some of the amazing views you can find in the Petrified forest

What would this monument look like

This monument would consist of a mixed metal or steel, iron, and red bronze. This monument will start out as a melted mixture with a volcano of red bronze with what looks like the quartz stone running out of it and onto smaller statues/figures of the Petrified wood. These colors would appear to be turning colors as you walk around the monument to resemble the changing of the wood over thousands of years. To do this the wood will be extremely detailed to look like wood and steel implants on the inner edges to provide the mirror effect.

Where would this monument be located?

The monument would be best located in Phoenix, Arizona. This is where the nearest major airport is located. This will allow people who are on business trips to get a glimpse of something they may never be able to see again from where they live if it's far, or it may inspire tourists to go see the forest in person by how the monument is able to put them in another state of mind.
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Materials and Cost

Iron for the framework would cost $56.26 for each ton. For this is would need 3 tons making the cost of iron 168.78. For steal being $60 for each ton and seeing how the monument would be multiple yards wide a good estimate of 6 tons, would make the steel price be $360.0. The price of bronze per ton is between $.80 and $.90. This is the main metal used in the monument for its brown woodis color as well as the shine it has, similar to the shine actual petrified wood has when the sun is shining on it. This being the main metal, would need around 10-15 tons, making the price of bronze in this monument $16,000 to $27,000. All the colored glass will come from recycling plants to help in the support of reusing and helping the environment.

The total cost of this monument would range from $16,528 to $27,528.78

Wood being taken out of the forest

Every year visitors in the park come and go to see the lovely sights, but what if one day there wasn't a sight to see?

Every year an estimated 25 thousand pounds are taken out of the forest by visitors that fall in love with the beauty of the wood, or see the ideas of what the wood could do for them. These ideas go from just souvenirs, to jewelry, to house decor. This may seem harmless to some but in reality it is illegal to take the wood out of the fence and because of this there are car searches, rangers all around the park, contract stating you will not remove wood to be signed, as well as this engine the only national park that has a fence to protect it from the publics reach.

Souce: Arizona state Forest Is Stealing away

By Charles Hollinger America

Whenever people bring back the wood they took or send it back through mail, the forest can't accept it and put it into a pile so all can see

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The park can not accept any of the Petrified wood that is brought back into the park. This is because the wood is brought into the inside word and contaminated with an environment and particles from an alien area then the forest. If the forest were to take back the wood people brought/sent back and then a researcher at the park did an autopsy on the wood, the research would be invalid.

Source: Rewriting the story of Arizonas Petrified Forest

By Shaun McKinnon