Principles of Training

Physical Preparation, Health and Lifestyle


The objectives of training are the following ones:

1. List the principles of training.

2. Indentify FITTA principles within the overload component of training.

3. Be able to apply principles of training in order to design Personal training plan (PTP).


•In order for the body to adapt it must work harder than normal.

•The body can be overloaded by manipulating four (five) key factors of training:


Frequency – How often?

Intensity – How hard we train?

Time - Length of time spent on an activity

Type – Describes the type of activity

Adherence – Ensuring the individual sticks to the programme


•Your PTP is like an action plan (strategy) to help you achieve your Health and Lifestyle Goals.

•Before you start you should gather information to help you tailor the programme for you or the person you are designing the plan for.

Sport Principles

Specificity: Training Programmes must be specific to the needs of the sport and performer.

Progression: In order to improve and continue to develop, tha training programme must be made progressively harder.

Overload: FITTA

Reversibility: capable of reestablishing the original condition after a change by the reverse of the change.

Tedium: the quality or state of being wearisome; irksomeness; tediousness.