By:Kyler and tj

Who discovered sugar? Where was it discovered?

A Persian sodier and they discovered it in India

What does sugar begin as?Where does it come from? Where is it best grown?

1.Sugar cane or sugar beets.

2.Comes from Hawii, Florida, Louisiana, Texas,and Puerto Rico.

3.Mostly in trpical and sub-tropical places like Florida and Hawii.

How sugar starts

Fist you make sure the sugar cane is about 3 or 4 meeters tall. When you harvest you want to cut close to the grond and then it will grow back again next year pluse the tall sugar canes are the best becuse they have more sugar in them. When you are done harvesting the sugar cane goes to a refinery to get processed into a fine whit sugar.


Milton S Hershey started as a pioneer. Then he made carmal.So today his company makes chouclate