Austin College

Sherman, TX


Spiritual Traditions

Austin College was founded in 1849 by a Presbyterian missionary. It is currently associated with the Presbyterian Church USA. There are programs like Worship, Bible Study, and the ACtivators. Austin College students participate in a variety of Christian organizations including Baptist Student Ministries and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. There are also many other organizations comprising students from a variety of religious traditions.


January Term is a three-week course taught every January. Students are required to take three Jan-terms. It incorporates intensive month-long courses that emphasize experiential learning and experimental formats and topics. Many use the semester to either take a class in an area different to their regular studies or intensify their study in their designated field. You can even travel abroad on one of the many travel Jan-terms.

Birthday Fountain

There are many fountains at Austin College. When it is your birthday, you have to been on the lookout. It is a tradition that your friends throw you into a fountain on your birthday. It may even happen more than once on that day.