Al Capone Does My Homework

By: Gennifer Choldenko

moose Flanagan lives on Alcatraz Island in the year 1936 he goes to school and has a family , His mom, His Dad,and his older sister Natalie. But when his dad becomes associate Warden moose's families apartment catches on fire mysteriously one night.But with the help of his friends Jimmy,Piper,and Annie and his sisters friend Theresa they have to find out who started the fire. But when everybody thinks his sister did it he has a bigger problem. moose must clear his sisters name and find the real culprit before something bad happens,But soon he relizes his friend Piper acting strange and later finds out that she has been using counterfeit money on accident.The crinimals kept on putting money into piper's pockets whenever they washed her chlothes. But after they solve the puzzle, moose's dad gets stabbed by Indiana and has to go to the hospital.where moose and his sister have to find a way to sneak in. Then a few days later moose's dad comes home;) since Piper got in big trouble for counterfeit money she is being forced to go off to boarding school, which moose is really sad about, because he will not have all of his friends with him on Alcatraz Island. Then Mrs. Caconi decides on her own since there is nobody coming and going from this Island to visit like Donny. But he is in huge trouble since he burned down the Flanagan apartment.