Wright Brothers and Airplanes

By Gabriella Vona

The Begininning

The Wright brothers were always interested in engineering and wanted to invent something of their own someday. The Wright brothers got the idea to make an airplane by reading about other people and their disadvantages. They also got the idea when their father brought home a toy airplane. It was a little run down but the brothers loved fixing it up! The Wright brothers were just beginning to become great inventors.

First Job

Every inventor had a first job including the Wright brothers. Wilbur and Orville were very close when they were young.They knew someday they would do something great together. Their first job was making their own newspaper.The got that idea when they made their own printing machine. The invention of the printer took the Wright brothers to another level of inventing.
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How They Did It

The Wright brothers always had the idea to make an airplane but had to find out how to do it.They studied birds and tried to make an airplane like the birds flew. The Wright brothers made an engine for their glider in 1906. The brothers made huge gliders and kites.They wanted to build a glider that was small like a kite so it could have more force to fly better. That's how they invented the first airplane.
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Testing It

The Wright brothers made many different airplanes and had to test them all out. The Wright brothers had to test out their airplanes by using Orville as the pilot even though Orville didn't like it. They tested out their airplanes at Kitty Hawk. The Wright brothers first airplane flew 7-8 meters off the ground which is not very high for an airplane. The Wright brothers had to test a lot of airplanes in their life.
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Orville and Wilbur Wright were very smart people who invented airplanes and you will find out if they were famous too.First, not many people knew about them, but then they went to an airplane show in France and everyone took notice of their great invention.The Wright brothers opened a factory and they sold airplanes to France, Germany, England, Italy, and the U.S.A. They became rich and famous. Yes,they became rich and famous from their successful invention.
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All Types

There are many types of airplanes with all different names and meanings.The Xinger is a plane that transports VIP'S. A type of plane is called the AT6.That stands for Aviation Trainer Six.It is used to train pilots.The China Clipper is an airplane that lands on water. These are all examples of interesting types of airplanes!
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Air Force One

Air Force One is the President's private airplane. A guard has to watch Air Force One when it is in it's hangar.Air Force One has a menu of all the President's favorite foods. The pilots on Air Force One don't rest because they have to drive the airplane! Air Force One is a very special airplane for the President!
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