The Kiowa

By: Hannah Maynard

1. The Kiowa tribe lived in the great plains, mostly near the border also they did move into Oklahoma at one point.

2. The Kiowa were nomads which means they moved with the buffalo. So in their tribe they mostly ate buffalo/bison.

3. The Kiowa hunted their food, again moved with the bison/buffalo.

4. The Kiowa lived in original tepees, and when the chief said they had to move it was the women's job to take down and rebuild the tepees until the next time.

5. The Kiowa tribe used a digging stick, also could be referred to a plow. Then later on they got horses and used horses to pull large metal structures to dig up the dirt.

6. They believe in spiritual leaders and have dances to worship the spirits they lost.

7. The first leader or founder of the tribe is the chief and the family down when that chief dies the new chief enters.

8. The Kiowa grew and spread out and lived in modern terms, most of them live in Oklahoma.

9. They use buffalo chips for fuel for fires.

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