Thomas Gallaudet

By: Joel Woller

Young life

Thomas Gallaudet was born on December 10, 1787 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and died on September 10, 1851 in Hartford, Connecticut (Age 63). Ever since Thomas was young he had always wanted to be a Minister. When he was 13 his parents moved to Harvord, Connecticut but he stayed behind to be a youth Minister but had to move back in with his parents when he was older because of health problems. in 1805, At the age of 17 he graduated from Yale to get a Bachelor's Degree with highest honors and went back to receive his Master's Degree in 1808


In 1821 he married Sophia Fowler Gallaudet and they had one child. What inspired him to start the ASD (American School for the Deaf) was the 9 year old deaf girl named Alice Cogswell. To make changes he went to Great Britian to learn about the ways people run Deaf schools and also learned sign language.


Before Galaudet there were no School for Deaf children, Gallaudet University in Washington DC was named after him by his son and was the first deaf college, was on the 20 cent postage stamp of the great american series, and Just days before his death, Gallaudet received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the Western Reserve College of Ohio