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It is hard to believe 4 weeks ago we were at the beginning of Spring Break. Who really knew that we would be still away from our school and our friends at this point? At the end of this, my hope is that we have all reconnected with our families (near and far) and that we not take for granted the simple pleasures in life that we forgot when we were all so busy prior to "stay at home" orders. Yes, this is a struggle for the vast majority of you (parents working from home while you try to homeschool your student and keep them on track). Please know that Mrs. Sturch and Mr. Scott are just a simple email away if you need anything (parents and students).

Mr. Scott and I will have daily office hours from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm. This will be an hour that we will be at our computers to answer immediate emails. As always, you can email at anytime and we will respond within 24 hours (except the weekends :)).

New assignments will be posted on Friday's in each bands Google Classroom. Students, be sure to check your Smart Music home page as well. Percussion, you will not do the Smart Music assignments. You will receive assignments from Ms. Vasquez and you are working on your drumline audition packet. Percussionists, please reach out to Ms. Vasquez via Google Classroom if you have questions or need help.

CHS Band Auditions will be done via online video (not just audio, must be a video) submission through Google Classroom. These will be due April 18. The audition will consist of everything included in the packet, except that there will be no sight reading. A detailed instruction sheet will be posted as well as emailed by the end of this week.

Clark Band Leadership applications went live this past Friday. Students should register for the Leadership Team Google Classroom by using the class code that was posted in announcements this past Friday.

Clark Drum Major workshops started this past Friday. Again, students interested in auditing for Clark Drum Major should register for the Drum Major Google Classroom which was posted in each band's Class.

Please be sure to submit UIL Medical History forms should be submitted via Google Forms (link below) and/or they may be emailed to Mrs. Sturch. These are due by Monday, May 11 for current 9th grade students. Current 10th grade students going to PSHS should receive information regarding due date to PSHS. Please only use the Google Form for current 9th grade students attending Clark next year.

Have a GREAT week!

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2020 Summer Band Camp Calendar

THIS WEEK (April 6 - 10)

Monday, April 6:

Tuesday, April 7:

Wednesday, April 8:

2:00 pm, Symphonic Band Zoom

3:00 pm, Concert Band Zoom

Thursday, April 9:

1:00 pm, Wind Ensemble Zoom

2:00 pm, Varsity Band Zoom

**We are Zooming on Thursday this week since Friday is a holiday**

Friday, April 10:

NEXT WEEK (April 13 - 18)

Monday, April 13:

Tuesday, March 14:

Wednesday, April 15:

2:00 pm, Symphonic Band Zoom

3:00 pm, Concert Band Zoom

Thursday, April 16:

Friday, April 17:

1:00 pm, Wind Ensemble Zoom

2:00 pm, Varsity Band Zoom

Saturday, April 18:

Clark Band Audition submissions due by midnight

PSHS Band Audition submissions due


Clark Band Auditions

Saturday, April 18th, 8am-5pm

Google Classroom

Clark Band auditions for 2020-2021

Auditions are required for all current 8th and 9th grade band students.

Auditions should be submitted by students through a new Google Classroom that will be set up. The video must show the student playing the required material without breaks in the video/audio. For example, the student must play the chromatic scale, metronome etude and melodic etude without stopping to the video or audio.

PSHS Band Auditions

Saturday, April 18th, 8-10am


PSHS Band auditions for all current 10th and 11th grade band students.

Look for communication from Mr. Lewis at PSHS. They will be doing online audition submissions.

CHS Band Calendar & Band Handbook