Estimate Products of fractions

Learn how to estimate Multiplying fractions!

Step 1

First, take the two numbers you are multiplying and round them to a compatible number or a number that is easier to use. Example: 23 1/4 would round to 23 because that's an easier number to use than 23 1/4. It is also closer to 23 than it is to 24.

Step 2

Next, multiply the two numbers that you are going to use. If you are multiplying a with a whole number, you can represent it by using (Example) 23/1. Example. 24 * 3/4= 24/1 * 3/4= 18.

Step 3

Finally, the product that you got from multiplying is your final answer.

Finally, your done

Now you know how to estimate the products of fractions!