A very specific Pacific blob


What are some facts about the pacific blob?

  • The pacific blob is a area of warmer water.
  • The pacific blob can hurt our salmon or cause them to migrate.
  • Other marine life forms are behaving weirdly because of the blob.
  • The blob is affecting our weather patterns.
  • There are 3 blobs as of now.

How the blob is affecting us today.

The blob is changing weather patterns near some coastlines like the California Coast. Some sources say that it might be the cause of the California drought. The blob could also cause the salmon price to rise because they are going to have to migrate to find a new food source.

Frequently asked questions.

Why is it called the blob? It is a blob.

Why did you put a FAQ? Because the space was there for one.

Why does the earth spin? Aliens

What holds the universe together? Love, and Dark matter, Mostly Dark matter though.

When will the FAQ end? Now