William Penn

By: Marin O'Lone


Did you know that Pennsylvania actually means Penn's Woods? William Penn is the one who started this colony! First, William Penn became a quaker as a young boy, and had many religous beliefs. Second, Sylvania was the origanal name for what now is, Pennsylvania. Third, William Penn lived a happy life as a married man. Do you still want to know more?

William Penn as a Child

William Penn was a smart intelligant person who had many religous beliefs. William Penn was born on October 14th, 1644. He was born in London. As a kid he went to school in Essex. Not far from that, Penn entered Christ Church, Oxford University in 1660. He belived in religous freedom and the right of individuals to worship as they pleased. Although, Penn's father didn't want him to have religous beliefs, Penn's father sent him to France and Italy hoping that a fashionable life there would make Penn forget abput his religous beliefs. Penn returned after two years of study, the signs of his religous beliefs were gone. Penns father was very pleased with Penns change.


William Penn was the man who founded Pennsylvania in 1681. Pennsylvania was origonaly going two be named Sylvania. Penn added his own name to the suggested name Sylvania. The definition of Pennsylvania is Penns Woods. When Penn started this colony, thousand of people came from England, Germany, The Natherlands, and Wales. On October 1682, William Penn sailed up the Delaware River to see his colony for the first time. When Penn saw that his colony was well started, he returned to England. Penn was satisfied with his colony.

Penns Married Life

Did you know that William Penn had two wives? William Penn maried his first wife, Guliema Maria Springett Penn in 1672. They raised 8 children together. Saddely, in 1694 Guliema Maria, died. In 1696 Penn married Hannah Callowhill. She was to bear him 7 more children, giving him a total of 15 children. Hannah died on December 20, 1726.


As you can see, William Penn was a very important person. Penn was an active smart person in his childhood. The making of Pennsylvania was a very important part of Penn's life. Penn's married life was a long and happy time. William Penn played a very important roll in Penns life. Penn died before Hannah on July 30, 1718.


Religous Freedom- The right to choose a religion (or no religion) without interference by the government.

Worship- The act of showing respect and love for a god.

Religous Beliefs- A strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control a humans mind.



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