Where Do TOMS Shoes Come From?

where our favorite shoes really come from

By Olivia Neville

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Geography and Globalization influence where, how, and why people live where they do.

How does this relate to TOMS?

  • Without globalization TOMS would be a very different company and products
  • The production of TOMS shoes is in China is called offshoring a term that describes when companies have the production of their product in another country than their distribution services
  • TOMS is not the only company that uses offshoring as a method for the manufacturing manufacturing of products to be cheaper
  • Globalization has influenced the TOMS corporation positively they are able to give shoes and other tings to third world villages
  • Helping those third world villages helps the whole world grow
  • The distributing centers and manufacturing centers are all located in populated places
  • With the growth of the internet TOMS has an online store that reaches more people

How TOMS Shoes Travel The World and Then Travel Your World

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  • The production of TOMS shoes is in Yuzhong, China
  • TOMS give away and shoe drop center in Ethiopia
  • Give away center in Uganda
  • Give away center in Rwanda
  • TOMS shoe drop center in South Africa
  • Shoe drop and give away center in Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina
  • Shoe drop in Peru
  • Shoe drop in Guatemala
  • TOMS shoe distribution in Valencia, Santa Clarita, California, United States of America
  • Other manufacturing countries not included on map; Argentina, Kenya, and Ethiopia (soon to be Haiti)

Yuzhong China

  • Population Count 1999 - 423,336 people
  • Near water
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Why did TOMS move production to Haiti?

  • In 2013 TOMS founder, Blake Mycoskie, released a statement about how successful TOMS' one for one was (you buy a pair of shoes someone in need gets a pair of shoes) with the continual support of their company, revenues increasing they will open a new manufacturing company in Haiti
  • Due to the opening of the new factory more people will have jobs

Valencia, Santa Clarita, California, United States of America

  • Population Count 2010 - 32,605
  • 244 manufacturing jobs in Santa Clarita according to Monster
  • Near water
  • Planned community meaning the town was made to be there, not originally there, made on a previously undeveloped area
  • Top 100 places to live in by Money magazine
  • Good weather, sunny, warm, 77 in March of 2016

What on Earth are TOMS Made Out Of?

  • Canvas - cotton/post-consumer plastic waste organic cotton
  • Rubber - EVA
  • Dye - AZO
  • Pig suede
  • Eco-friendly materials
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These are places where TOMS may have gotten their products to produce the shoes.
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What about the future

  • The maps show that certain countries are the top in there field of goods, as time progresses they will continue to grow and possibly genetically modified their products, overtime resulting in a bad product
  • In the where shoes are made/where you give shoes shows that most production of TOMS shoes is in low income countries
  • Instead of getting richer these countries will only become poorer

What the maps say

  • These maps show that even though TOMS promises a good outcome fro their workers this might not be true
  • More and more production will commence through out poor countries

Distributing the Goods

  • TOMS travel like many other goods by sea, ships, air, planes and cars

The Problems with TOMS


  • When looking for information on TOMS I had to dig around a lot, I couldn't find exact places where TOMS bought their resources from, I could only find the basics
  • This information shouldn't be a secret, I should be able to find out what the working conditions, resources, where they come from, of any business
  • A business owner should not be ashamed of the way he or she makes a product

Technological Solution

  • Having more information open to the public about where your products come from
  • Having workers online to answer questions about the production of TOMS
  • No information barrier
  • Although we should be able to access more information about the products TOMS doesn't have to reveal exactly how the products are made


  • TOMS use plane as a way to move their goods from one place to another, this causes a 3% air pollution increase
  • With the increasing rate of want for goods companies like TOMS produce more shoes putting pressure on the environment
  • The more fuel people use, transporting goods from one place to another, will rise pollution level
  • The chemicals that are put in the soil to keep bugs or diseases away form plants pollutes the soil, the cotton used to make TOMS


  • The original ideas for TOMS comes from Argentina, many people who live there wear shoes similar to TOMS
  • Crossing these cultural borders can lead to less diversity overall


  • The UnIted States has a minimum wage that forces employers to pay their workers
  • Instead employers will move to other countries, offshoring
  • Many of TOMS faculties faculties are out of state, less jobs here

Globalization, an important factor in life.

Geography Impacts Business

  • Many of TOMS distribution centers are near water, this make sit easier to transport goods form one place to another by boat
  • If the weather is warm people can work longer
  • Near other cities allows faster distribution of goods

Globalization is the process in which people and countries can connect through technology, environment, cultural, and economy.

The Pros and Cons of Globalization


  • Connects people from different countries
  • Countries with different goods are able to trade and get things they didn't have before
  • Free Trade
  • Competition between countries lowers prices


  • Jobs are transferred to lower cost countries
  • Workers in the US face pay cuts due
  • Large multi-national corporations exploit tax havens to avoid paying taxes in other countries
  • Companies are excused from social injustices such as bad living/working conditions

How does globalization relate to me?

Without globalization I wouldn't have the things I have today. Many of the clothes I own are made in foreign countries, even the computer I'm using is! Globalization has provided many opportunities not only for me but for other people. There definitely needs to be improvement in certain parts of globalization, but without it we would be in a very different place.

Life In The New World

In Fifteen Years Life Will Be

  • There will be more technology in every aspects of our lives, any problem that we have today will be nonexistent in this new world
  • There will be faster ways to travel, like the speed train in China
  • We will have found new resources to use as energy, clothing, food and much more
  • New ways of communication will continue to surpass out current knowledge

What will education be like

  • As our world grows, the education system needs to change
  • New forms of learning will emerge to meet new standards
  • More and more information will be stored online
  • Lessons will be accessed through online mediums
  • Education will be more wide spread through out the world