Mrs. Berney's PreAP BioCats

Guyer High School Science

February 8th through 12th

Good evening, Parent/Guardian(s)!

I hope that you all are having a great beginning to your week and that everyone is rested and ready to have some fun learning Genetics! Last week, we worked our way through the vocabulary and basic information in regards to Genetics and even created a monster to demonstrate gene expression! Our BioCats will continue this week in our quest to understand Mendel's work, Punnett Squares, Sex-Linked Traits, Polygenic Traits, and a little Genetic Engineering. Please encourage our students to work hard, interact with the material daily outside of school, ask questions, and remain focused. There is a lot of vocabulary in this unit and it is extremely important that we know what the words mean and how they are being used as well as the connections to prior content from the last two quarters. Our interactive notebook will be one of the greatest resources that we have to help us practice and process this important information. BioCats must stay prepared each day for class, making sure that IAN is present just as they are. It was a slight struggle in performance on both the vocabulary quiz and the reading quiz for Ch 6.3 through 6.6. Many of our BioCats are prepared and ready for each class adventure and assessments; however, there is a staggering number of students who have not prepared adequately to ensure success in class activities, discussions, and assessments. This week we will also focus more on test taking strategies, reading strategies and mindset for success. Please feel free to quiz our students and check their work at home. BioCats should also be checking my google classroom daily to see what things we are doing in class and also for the lessons and resources needed for class. I make announcements via google classroom and post all assignments with attachments so that students who are not present in class can keep up with what we are doing in class while they are away. Students who do not complete assignments in class can also reflect on the day's lesson to complete unfinished work at home. Some items will be moved to the next lesson and will be specified in class. I will be adding comments to lessons at the end of each day if there is something that I do not want the students to do on their own. Otherwise, it is never a terrible thing to look ahead!

Thank you for sending me the best students everyday! Our BioCats have so much potential and thrive off of encouragement and support from all of us. I appreciate everything that you are doing and do to help us reach our goals. Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions or requests. It is truly my pleasure to be here and work with our BioCats everyday!

Please enjoy the rest of this informational smore and the rest of the week!


Mrs. Berney

PreAP Biology Educator

Guyer High School

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phone: (940) 369-1118

Upcoming Events and Assessments

Monday/Tuesday - February 8th/9th

We are completing our Mystery Monster Lab activity and drawing inferences like Mendel did with the results of his experiments with Pea Plants. Then we will begin notes over Genetics.

Wednesday/Thursday - February 10th/11th

Continue with notes about Genetics, practice punnett squares (monohybrid & dihybrid crosses), and learn about blood typing, polygenic traits and sex-linked traits.

Friday/Monday - February 12th/15th

BioCats should bring 1-2 photos of either a close family member or a picture of their family without them in it. We will observe traits and try to discover whose picture belongs to whom! Then we will learn about Genetic engineering and processes such as karyotyping and DNA fingerprinting as well as how they are used.

Tuesday/Wednesday - February 16th/17th


Thursday/Friday - February 17th/18th


Good luck everybody!

First BioCat Family Review Night

I am planning a BioCat family night of fun with review for the Biology EOC exam in May. This event would take place one evening a month potentially on a Thursday from 6 pm - 7:30 pm. During this time, we would have review stations/games monitored and run by our parents followed by either a pot luck meal or refreshments and time to visit and enjoy our BioCat family. This is an excellent way to show your support for our BioCats and encourage them to always do their best! If you are interested in running a review game/station for this night of PreAP Bio fun, please email me or call me. I would love to have your support! The tentative date of the first get together is February 25th.

Mrs. Lori A. Berney

PreAP Biology Educator | Guyer High School

B.S. in Biology w/ Medical Emphasis

Minor in Combined Sciences and Mathematics