Ben Cohen

You guessed it! That guy from Ben&Jerry's!

Carys Abbott

"Never Trust A Skinny Ice Cream Man"- Ben Cohen

The Man Behind The Ice Cream

Ben Cohen(co-owner of Ben&Jerry's) started out as merely an ice cream man! Meeting his future business partner in 7th grade (Jerry Greenfield) who would have guessed they would construct the "Ice Cream Empire" only about 10 years later! Just some regular guys trying to make a living ended up with more money (and ice cream) then they could ever imagine! Although the company was sold to Unilever for 2.5 billion dollars in 1999, these men will always be remembered! Especially in the grocery store! Just 2 entreprenuers* started this!

Originally the company was supposed to be a bagel company, but the machinery cost too much!

More About Ben(and his company)

  • Born in 1951(turning 65 soon)
  • He graduated from high school but not college
  • He has about 446 operators per facility
  • the company was created in 1978
  • and the revenue is about 132 million dollars
  • his net worth is around 150 million dollars
  • he is actually best friends with Jerry, and they spend alot of time together outside of work
  • most people see him as a determined, diligent, persistent, witty, and creative person

******an entreprenuer us a person willing to take a risk in starting a buisness, and will be willing to go far with it