The Classic Love Story

By: Grace Bachrach

About Me

My name is Ana Sofia and I'm a red fox. I'm cute and foxy. I love guys who are nice and they love to snuggle. I have lots of warm fur to keep you warm in the winter. I want a man who's an real animal. I have four legs and you're going to need four legs to keep up with all of this. But, keep you're paws off of me (at least on the first date!). Since I am warm-blooded, I warm the den up all by myself (no need for a heater here!) My date can't be a vegetarian because if we go to an all-you-can-eat-meat buffet, and you only get salad, that would be a big misteak.(lol.)

About You

My name is Carlos and I'm a Toucan. I have lots of feathers and my friends tell me I'm super fly. I would love to go out for dinner with you, but we can't order chicken wings because when I went for wings with my cousin, his wings were on the menu! I'll teach you how to fly, trust me, "toucan" do it.