Unit 1

Nature of Physics


Dependent variable-variable whose value depends in that of another

Independent variable-variable whose variation does not depend on that of another

Direct relationship-two variables do the same thing, if one increases so does the other

Inverse relationship-two variables do the opposite of each other

Exponential relationship-function of the form

Linear relationship-in graphical form where variable and the constant are graphed they are a straight line

Significant figure- each of the numbers are used to express it to the required degree of accuracy

Accuracy-being correct or precise in a measurement or calculation

Precision-being exact in a measurement or calculation

Essential Questions

Nature of science- key ideas and principles and ideas which provide a description of science continually tests and challenges previous assumptions and findings

Hypothesis-educated guess, must be testable

Measurement-accuracy and precision is important

Variables-independent: input; variable you change dependent: output; changes as a result of the independent