Daniel Thompson (Born:3/2/1999)

sometimes goodbye means a second chance


My family member are unimportant my mother and father are important. They are Stefanie Boone and George Thompson II. Never spell my mom's name with ph the f is in a German like spelling of the name. I have a brother who makes stupid decisions ut I am smart enough to see what he has done and learn what not to do. I've lived in Statesville, NC; Concord, NC; and Elgin, SC

Personal Characteristics

Two characteristics are....

  • I am very good at memorizing I do it by listening not looking audio learner not visual.
  • I like Information and will gain it at any cost necessary.
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  • I like to play games, make games, and find out all possible outcomes.
  • fixing computers is very interesting d very fun as a hobby


  • March 2nd, 1999 I was born
  • 2002 I moved to Elgin
  • 2003 I began school
  • 2009 I began Middle school
  • 2013 I began High School


  • 2008 Recession hit
  • 2008 Obama was elected president
  • 2008 Hunger games series gets published
  • 2014 Ukraine enters civil war
  • 2014 a new pope is selected


  • September, 30th 1975 my mom is born
  • 1979 my mom starts school
  • 1987 my mom starts junior high
  • 1989 my mom starts high school
  • 1990 my mom give birth to 2 daughters


  • 1975 Veitnam war ends
  • 1985 Major film star wars releases
  • 2000 George W. Bush is elected as president
  • 2001 terrorist attack on world trade center
  • 2001 us declares war on Iraq


  • my guess is more war terrorism will not go away
  • high demand for all kinds of technicians
  • I will be in college
  • economic inflation will continue